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Our dedicated professional and talented team have vast experience and cover all your needs, be it tiling, plumbing, roofing, building, waterproofing, landscaping, electrical work, flooring, You name it has the talented craftsmen to Construction Centurion assist with all your renovation requirements.

Construction Centurion

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Let  Construction Centurion make your dreams reality, let our consultants sit with you whilst you explain your visions to them, they will then put your visions down onto hard copy, be it on paper or on our specialized app that does all plans in 3d and allows one to add and change their designs accordingly and once you are happy with the design, you can print it out for a blue pint, to take with you when material or product sourcing or buying,  Our amazing app allows one to do a virtual walkthrough and you can see what your newly renovated home will look like once completed.

Construction Centurion

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Bathroom renovations are highly sorted after, as the old-fashioned look is to old school and we are now all after the new modern bathroom designs. Let us start by first making your bathroom bigger or smaller depending on your home. Waterproofing in your bathroom is essential as mold and leaks are extremely dangerous, not only to one physically but more for the health of you and your family.  Tiles will be the next step, wouldn’t you like the option of underfloor tiles?

Construction Centurion

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Your family would love this idea especially for the cold months of the year to keep you warm and cozy during those cold bathroom runs. Lastly, everybody loves the new craze of open big showers, technology has improved drastically over the years and the all the latest technology available for bathrooms is mind-blowing – how about radio in your shower, Bluetooth connection, and being able to ask Alexia to put all devices on and off by talking to it, just Siri answering all our questions.

Construction Centurion can assist with the following – home extensions, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, house renovations, and home alterations

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Kitchen renovations may sound daunting to you, do not let that be, let us take control and we shall do all for you.  With the latest technology and appliances available, let our carpenters install the most amazing kitchen and finishes. Your Kitchen will be the talk of the town and the new hangout spot in your home.

Construction Centurion offers various other services which include Swimming pool builders, Ceilings- installing and repairing, roofing, plumbing, drywall installations, handyman tasks as well as tiling

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